Context and Practices of University Student Services for International Students' Workforce Integration: Research-in-Brief


  • Jon Woodend University of Calgary


international students, student services, post-secondary, workforce integration


As universities recruit greater numbers of international students and governments seek to retain them as skilled workers, researchers have started to again investigate their integration experiences. A gap in the literature is the long-term career integration of international students, particularly the contextual infl uences that aff ect it. One such influence is that of university student services. This pilot study looked at the perspectives of three university student service personnel in career services, international student services, and alumni and leadership services and the ways in which they are working with international students to support their workplace integration. Specifi cally, this study highlighted the tensions university student services personnel face in providing relevant support while adhering to institutional policy, the gaps in their ability to help students, and ideas about future directions in their work with students .

Author Biography

Jon Woodend, University of Calgary

Masters Candidate


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