Report on the Canadian Career Counsellor Education Survey


  • Sharon Kalbfleisch
  • Rebecca Burwell


survey, counsellor, canadian, career


In Canada, as in most other countries, there is currently no clear educational model that outlines how one can enter into or progress within the field of career development. Yet having such a model could lead to a stronger professional identity and to greater consistency and quality in the services that clients receive. Understanding how career practitioners have come to enter and progress within the field to date is one step towards designing such an educational model. Using a nationwide, web-based survey, the authors surveyed career practitioners to determine: their educational background; how closely they identify with the field of career development; how they perceive the importance of specific skill and knowledge areas related to the field of career development; how they rate their level of ability within these same skill and knowledge areas; and, to what extent employers in the field seek out and encourage career development specific education. Survey results and implications for the career development community are discussed.




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