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  • Rob Shea


Greetings from the Editor-In-Chief and the Associate Editor. To read the full message please open the PDF link. 

I am extremely proud to announce that this is a special anniversary year for the Canadian Journal of Career Development/ Revue canadienne de développement de carrière. It is our 20th anniversary!

In 2002, Volume 1, Number 1 was launched in Ottawa, Canada at the National Consultation on Career Development conference. As they say - the rest is history.

It truly has been a ‘field of dreams’ experience. From the initial ideation that Canada was the purveyor of significant research, best practices, and leadership in this sector yet we did not have our own Journal of Career Development, to today with in excess of 10,000 loyal readers. In 2002 we had no membership. We did, however, have a lot of goodwill and the vision of career practitioners, researchers, and students who were hungry for such an open-access publication.

In the first editorial I wrote, I have “feelings of awe, honour, and responsibility that have permeated my thoughts over the past 4 years as we began the onerous task of creating Canada's first peer-reviewed journal of career development." I still have those feeling twenty years later.

There will be a forthcoming announcement on how we will celebrate this milestone for the career development community in Canada. Stay tuned!

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