Job Development for Today- A Sector Specific Approach


  • Habib Ullah ACCES Employment


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Job Developers and Career Practitioners promote job seekers to employers in order to help them find meaningful employment. Because of today’s complexity in the labour-market and specificity of job requirements, the task of job developers is getting more complicated. So, a sector specific approach may help Job Developers understand the needs of the labour market and lead them towards success in assisting job seekers find jobs. In order to build effective client promotion strategies, Job Developers need to clearly understand the current trends in the labour market, and then try to match their clients’ skills with the requirements of the vacant jobs. Once this match is successfully made, they can start promoting job seekers to the employers. This article has been prepared on the basis of experience obtained as a Job Developer and Project Coordinator of a bridging program for internationally educated engineers called “Engineering Connections”, which ACCES Employment has been running for over 4 years. This article reveals how a sector-specific job development approach can help Job Developers match job seekers’ skills with the labour market requirements, and eventually promote them to the employers.


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