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  • Rob Shea Marine Institute


Greetings from the Editor-In-Chief and the Associate Editor. To read the full message please open the PDF link. 

Welcome to 2023! I am so proud of the incredible work of our students, researchers, mentors, and the Canadian Journal of Career Development team that has moved us through a worldwide pandemic. Especially, as you all were navigating the pandemic in a very personal way in your own work and personal lives.

One notable achievement that has occurred throughout the past few years is the incredible increase in our subscribers. We are proud to say that we have over 15,420 subscribers. Vastly different from 20 years ago when we began the journal as a field of dreams concept–“Build it and they will come.” Well, you have been a part of our journey and we deeply appreciate your incredible support.

That support whether it be mentoring someone to submit an article to the journal, cutting-edge research in your area of discipline and field of interest that influences practitioners’ work, reviewing articles, or working with graduate students to inspire the next generation of researchers, we thank you!

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